Current Events

Further to the French President's announcements on Monday the 13th of April 2020, each and every activities of the Studio-Théâtre and the ESCA are suspended until further notice. 

Information about ESCA's competitive exam

In accordance with the instructions given by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and with the hygiene measures due to the Covid pandemic, the whole of the ESCA competitive exam 2020 is postponed.

It will occur from September the 2nd to October the 2nd 2020.

Caution : this is the adjournement of the competitive exam initially planned in March 2020, whose applications were closed on January the 18th 2020. Any new application will not be considered.


Terms and conditions of the competitive exam have been modified due to these new measures, and according to the principle of equal opportunity, auditions that occured in March 2020 for the first round are invalidated (candidates who took the first round in March 2020 are to take it again).

Every details about the new terms and conditions, as well as the new calendar : HERE

All about the theater shows at the Studio-Théâtre and on our  costumes workshop

All about the École Supérieure, its pedagogy, the entrance contest, and the ESCA's work

 Coming Rendez-Vous

La Maison d'Os
by Roland Dubillard


Hervé Van der Meulen

Public reading 2

As part of ESCA performances

Sauce Brune by Simon Boudreault

director Fany Otalora

L'Epaule de Dieu
by François Marchasson


Hervé Van der Meulen

Public reading 3

As part of ESCA performances

Amsterdam by Maya Arad-Masur

directors A. Gomez and C. Guiouillier

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