École Supérieure de Comédiens par Alternance


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An innovative and original project in the field of theater

In September 2014, the CFA for Comedians obtained the authorization from the Ministry of Culture to issue the 'Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Comédien' (DNSPC level II (bachelors level), and became a school for professional actors called Ecole Supérieure de Comédiens par l’Alternance (ESCA) of the Studio d'Asnières.

Thus, both the training high quality offered and the specificity of alternating between work and apprenticeship have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture (it is the only school of that type for Comedians in France). The ESCA offers an apprenticeship that allows both to continue to train, work and meet the professional environment, while receiving a wage.

In-depth training

The apprenticeship is three years long. Classes take place mainly in the morning in Asnieres-sur-Seine.


This idea of training through apprenticeship in dramatic art, which was created and founded by the Studio d'Asnières is a pioneering idea. It values our relationship to the realities of professional life while preserving spaces for young artistes to create and dream.

As a result, it is an accompanying entry to professional life for our students (contracts, agreements, reports to auditions, producers, directors, wage and working conditions, negotiations etc...) while continuing to nurture them artistically.

Main vectors

In addition to our guiding principles our pedagogy sees to the following :
• The discovery and immersion in contemporary writing ; a cycle of public readings supported exclusively by apprentice students. Four to six public readings per season at the Studio-Theater.
• The encouragement and development of apprentices' abilities to carry out projects by providing 2 to 3 "carte blanche" shows per season at the Studio - Théâtre.



Information about ESCA’s competitive exam


In accordance with the instructions given by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and with the hygiene measures due to the Covid pandemic, the whole of the ESCA competitive exam 2020 is postponed. It will occur from September the 2nd to October the 2nd 2020.

Caution : this is the adjournement of the competitive exam initially planned in March 2020, whose applications were closed on January the 18th 2020. Any new application will not be considered.

Terms and conditions of the competitive exam have been modified due to these new measures, and according to the principle of equal opportunity, auditions that occured in March 2020 for the first round are invalidated (candidates who took the first round in March 2020 are to take it again).


The exam will occur according the following schedule :

  • 1st round : from the 2nd to the 22nd of September 2020. Publication of the results on the 23rd of September

  • 2nd round : 24th and 25th of September 2020. Publication of the results on the 25th of September

  • 3rd round interviews : 29th and 30th of September

  • 3rd round singing and dancing : 1st and 2nd of October 2020. Publication of the results on the 5th of October


New terms includ an essential modification : each candidate can only come with one person to play opposite to him/her.


The exam application is still valid for the candidates already registered. However, if you want to cancell your application, please send a mail before the 25th of May 2020 to milianab@tudio-asnieres.com.

You will receive notifications and procedures later on.

Keep going !

An innovative training program with an entrance examination and a diploma

The Entrance Examination Jury, made up of members of the supervising team of the ESCA, external speakers, professional actors as well as alumni, assesses the level of acting and the training background of the future apprentice. This is done in two turns. The third turn and last stage of the entry process entails singing and dancing, during which the Jury assesses the actor's and actresse's ability to execute an order, to listen to their partners, their sense of rhythm and adaptability, as well as their aptitude for learning during a personalized interview.


On the first and second round, the jury is made up of 8 to 10 people: the CFA director and assistant director, instructors, professional actors from the CFA (2 people), apprentices (2 people). During the singing and dancing round, the jury is made up of the management team and the singing and dancing instructors (4 people). Finally, the personalized interview is done by the director, the assistant director and the Pedagogical Officer of the Studio in order to evaluate the candidate's approach and to establish the status and rules of apprenticeship.


The pedagogical project for the next 3 years aims to give a broad approach to the aesthetics of theater during internships with professionals, as well as to empower apprentices by allowing them to "do" and to meet a range of professionals in the field of acting. In addition, the CFA team is close to each apprentice and organizes a personal follow-up.


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For the apprentice, a real status

The apprenticeship contract is a work contract, alternating professional work and training at ESCA. It is concluded between the employer (the Studio) and the apprentice for a period of 3 years. The contract concerns young people aged between 18 to 29  years old (when applying to the ESCA) and it confers on them full salaried status, with the rights and obligations related to it (wages, social security, holidays ...).


How to obtain an apprenticeship contract

The Sutdio provides a 3-year contract, and we are the only school that engages in paying apprentices during the 3-year period.


To sign a contract with The Studio, the apprentice has three possibilities :

1) The Studio can hire him or her for one of its creations

2) The apprentice brings an engagement of two to three months minimum (not necessarily consecutive) with an outside company that can pay him the minimum apprentice wage.

3) The Studio proposes to the apprentice an engagement by an outside company through an audition organized with the director. Finally, it is also possible to sign an apprenticeship contract with another company than Le Studio, if the apprentice obtains a three-year contract with that company.


Acceptance to the CFA without prior contract

An apprentice may temporarily enter ESCA without finding a work contract. She or he then enters a "gateway" period of one year maximum, during which she or he has to find an apprenticeship contract with a company. However, this possibility is only given if the apprentice is motivated enough to search for companies that are liable to sign her or him in. Time will be allocated for job search.

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